Is There Such a Thing as a Painless Dentist?

When you’re a dentist, you know that many of the people who come to see you are a little high-strung about the possibility of pain. It comes with the job, and to be honest most times there is very little pain involved with coming to see the dentist.
Here are two words that people don’t normally associate with one another ‘painless’ and ‘dentist’. Could there really be such a thing as a painless dentist?My name is Dr. Marc Baker, and I am a well-known dentist in PA. I know how much people can worry about pain when the time rolls around for a checkup.

Worry Makes the Fear of Pain Worse

Many patients I’ve seen at my East Norriton office, located at 505 West Germantown Pike have expressed the desire to come to the dentist without any possibility of pain. There is a lot of good news for people who fear the pain they associate with going to the dentist. Modern techniques and breakthroughs have allowed dental procedures to be less painful, and in some cases even pain-free. This is news that people who hesitate to see a dentist need to hear. So many people cause themselves pain and problems down the road by avoiding dental care all together. These people need to know about the realities of seeing a painless dentist.

One of the most exciting techniques dentists use to alleviate pain with some procedures is called hypnodontics. This is a combination of Nitrous Oxide used in conjunction with relaxation techniques that allow a trip to the dentist to be a painless dentist visit.

If you’ve put off going to the dentist, these new techniques in pain management can be just the thing you’ve been waiting for. Give me a call at (610) 279-4522 or better yet click here to make an appointment at my East Norriton office.